About SSC

Terrence Brown

Owner and Founder

Terrence Brown has over 36 years of combined military, law enforcement, and safety management experience with the U.S. Air Force, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police(Ret.), and Mercy Health System (PMHS).

Terrence enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as a Security Forces Specialist in 1984 and served at Langley Air Force Base Virginia (TAC Headquarters), Ghedi Air Base Italy, and Nellis Air Base Nevada. During his enlistment Terrence’s duties varied but were always centered on securing priority A, B, or C resources. As an Alarm Response Team Leader, Security Response Team Leader, andFire Team Leader Terrence assessed threats and determined the appropriate armed response needed to secure US Air Force Resources on and off base.   

At the conclusion of the first Gulf War in 1992 Terrence was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant and perused a carrier in Law Enforcement. In May of 1995, he graduated from the Allegheny County Police Academy and accepted a position with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police where he achieved the rank of Master Patrolman.

As a Pittsburgh Police Officer Terrence suppressed gang activity, trained with the Dignitary Witness Protection Unit, and worked with SWAT in a patrol capacity serving high risk warrants and conducting building searches until his retirement in 2007.

More recently Terrence founded Safety and SecurityConsultants LLC (SSC) which specializes in Incident Response Planning, Risk Assessments, and Environmental Health Services. Given today’s in creased violence at our workplaces, churches, schools, and public venues across the nation, Terrence understands that incident response planning is essential for every organization nationwide.

Terrence has made it his life’s mission to assess and train as many organizations as possible in Incident Response, Active Threat, and Active Shooter Preparation. Terrence has seen the value in teaching organizations how to best mitigate losses and limit targets of opportunity in crisis situations. SSC’s unique eight step process and trainings were created by EHS Director’s, Emergency Management Directors, Law Enforcement Officers, Prior Military Personnel, and Vetted State Department Contractors.

Terrence strongly believes in continuing education and his consultants must regularly update their trainings to ensure that the most recent information is being presented.

Meet our Team

Vince Hackett
Lead Trainer on Suspicious Packages and Active Threat/Active Shooter Preparation Training

Vince Hackett has almost 30 years of combined military law enforcement, with the U.S. Air Force, maintaining a Top Secret Security Clearance with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)/Single Scope Background Information (SSBI) Clearance, security management, and security.

From September 2002, until present, he has been Security Professional, responsible for Counter Terrorism efforts. Vince is also a member of the FBI’s Infragard Pittsburgh Chapter, and currently holds an Associate Protection Professional certification, from ASIS along with other numerous certifications and qualifications.

Vince holds a Certified Cyber Security Architect credential through ECFirst, achieved in 2019.

Vince also teaches Cyber Security Hygiene and Awareness. Vince is currently studying to become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and a Certified Maturity Model Certificated Assessor (CMMC), which will be responsible for conducting regulatory assessments for any DOD contractor who stores, maintains or handles Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Kevin Johnston
Lead Energy and Health and Safety Consultant

Kevin holds a B.S in Environmental, Health, and Safety and has over 10 years’ of international and domestic experience in the energy industry. In 2005-2006 Kevin was the Lead EHS Consultant for a number of large construction and manufacturing projects in Nigeria, Chad, and South Africa. From 2006-2010 Kevin was the Lead International Training and Development Manager, International EHS Country Manager, and Domestic Regional EHS Director for a Fortune 500 Company. Since 2011 Kevin has been the Environmental, Health, and Safety Director for a large land development company supporting the Marcellus and Utica Shale Play.

Kevin’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to:
· Expertise in OSHA 29 CFR 1910
· Expertise in OSHA 29 CFR 1926
· OSHA 510 Train the Trainer (10 & 30 hr. construction training)
· Root Cause Analysis
· Why Tree Root Cause Analysis Facilitator
· Job Hazard Analysis
· Process Safety Management
· Equipment Inspection & Training

Daniel Lama
Lead Dignitary Witness Protection Instructor

Over 8 years of military, personal security, and guard supervisor experience. 4 years of military Personal Security Detail/infantry experience, 4 years of Personal Security
Specialist for the Department of State, 1 year of Senior Guard Supervisor for the
Department of State.

Dan enlisted into the U.S. Army in 2002, during his 4 years of service Dan trained all over the world. During Operation Iraqi Freedom II Dan served Tal Afar, and Mosul. Dan was honorably discharged from the Army at the rank of Sergeant in December 2005. In 2010 Dan received his Worldwide Protective Services (WPS2) Certification and worked for the Department of State through contracted companies. Since then Dan has worked with Triple Canopy, DynCorp, and Global Integrated Security. Over the past four years Dan has worked in Baghdad, Erbil, and Basra. Dan has completed Tactical Site Surveys for 100’s of building throughout Iraq. Dan has also escorted Ambassadors, Consulate Generals, and many Department of State Distinguished Visitors. During Dan’s time as Senior Guard Supervisor he worked with and trained Ugandan and Iraqi Guards teaching them basic weapon skills, tactics, and security standards.

David S Errera
Director of Service Integration

David Errera brings over 30 years of experience in electronic security evaluation and consulting. Mr. Errera has developed solutions ranging for organizations that are single sites to nationwide multi-site organizations. Mr. Errera is well versed on Access Control, CCTV, and mass notification solutions. Mr. Errera specializes in systems integrations and the proper evaluation and assessment of current infrastructures to insure effectiveness and cost saving solutions.